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The Sinister Pig original 1st edition art framed with cover
The Sinister Pig 2003
original first edition cover art
acrylic on handmade paper
framed with first edition foil and embossed cover
14" x 23" archival framing with uv glass
and 100% cotton matt and backing
The original art for The Sinister Pig is for sale, framed with the cover, by Parrish Books.
Select Peter Thorpe framed originals are available through Parrish Books.
Coyote Waits five color point of purchase poster
Coyote Waits 17" x 22"
5 color point of purchase poster, 1990
The Coyote Waits poster was printed by Harper & Row in 1990. It was sent to book stores to use as a point of purchase teaser but not offered for sale.
$75.00 (includes shipping within U.S.)
For questions on purchasing, email Peter Thorpe
The Fallen Man first cover proof
1996 The Fallen Man first cover proof
This first cover proof has a different background (wood grain) from the finished jacket which has a cork background. Only a small run of this first proof was produced for this title.
4 color plus 2 color foil embossing
$50.00 (includes shipping within U.S.)
For questions on purchasing, email Peter Thorpe

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