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Recycling for a Better Home Planet
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Unlike what we see in popular movies about far-off galaxies, the planet Earth is the only home that humanity can claim as its own, at least for now. Like any home, Earth must be cared for and treated in a way that keeps it safe and healthy for every person who lives on it. One way to help the planet stay in good livable condition is to keep it clean and reduce the amount of waste that makes its way to landfills. Landfills often contain garbage items that are slow or unable to degrade. In addition, some waste produces pollution that poisons the air, soil, and water. Fortunately, everyone, even small children, can learn to recycle the items that they would normally throw away. Items made of glass, aluminum, or plastic, for example, may be taken to recycling centers to be processed and turned into other useful products.

People may also reuse or repurpose items that are no longer desired or used. Repurposing gives used goods new life beyond what they were originally designed for. People who are doing home renovations or improvements can also reduce waste by recycling or making recycled goods a part of their plan. When a project calls for replacing doors, for example, the old door can be turned into a unique coffee table, a frame for a mirror, or a headboard for a bed. One can also buy recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood, to use for their home improvement projects instead of buying materials that are new.

Recycling for Kids

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

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